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Grant Applications

To qualify for funds from The George A. & Dolores E. Renaker Charitable Foundation, a grant must be written and submitted by a 501(c) charity in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service to the board of directors at their regular meetings.

The organization applying must be a Northern Kentucky organization whose mission statement clearly defines their mission to be dedicated to the residents of Northern Kentucky. Along with the grant, we require a copy of their IRS letter classifying the organization as a 501(c) charity as well as their year-end financial statement prepared by a certified public accountant.

If you are unclear if your organization's needs, they can be addressed by our foundation, contact us so we can help you through the process. Mail your grant applications to:

The George A. Renaker (M.D.) Charitable Foundation, Inc.

1334 Boone Aire Road, Florence, KY 41042.


The George A. & Dolores E. Renaker Charitable Foundation has supported so many projects and initiatives over the years. We're so proud to say that we, and our donors, have helped our neighbors in the region by funding organizations that produce results. To give you an idea of who we've assisted, see a sample below. 


  • Mary Queen of Heaven

  • American Heart Association

  • Thomas More University

  •  Faith Pharmacy

  • Covington Catholic High School

  • Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • Transitions Abuse Program

  • Northern Kentucky University

  • Catholic Social Service

  • St Henry District High School

  • The Point/ARC

  • Prince of Peace

  • Northern Kentucky Children's Home

  • Diocesan Children's Home

  • Redwood Rehabilitation

  • New Hope Center

  • St Elizabeth Medical Center Foundation

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